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Compliance Administrator

Natasha is an Administrator at Personnel Checks and is also studying for her NVQ level 2 in Business Administration.

Natasha lives with her family in Blackburn which includes her parents, 2 brothers and a sister all younger than her.

Natasha likes business and finds all the different aspects very interesting and feels she could learn a lot more about it throughout her career with us and to one day hopes to reach her goal of being a successful business woman.

Natasha enjoys music, dancing and likes to read as she believes reading expands the vocabulary, she doesn’t really have a specific author she prefers, she just sees which books look interesting and catch her eye. Natasha’s perfect day would be a day out shopping and then dining out afterwards. Food is Natasha’s passion, and she especially enjoys spices in food.

Natasha describes herself as a kind, friendly person who likes to meet new and different people. She also loves kids, especially babies and enjoys babysitting her cousins every so often.