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Autocab to be Acquired by Uber

Industry leaders are concerned about the implications of this acquisistion by Uber. Autocab is a ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ provider. Their systems allow taxi and private hire operators to compete with the likes of Uber and Lyft. We examine in more detail what this means for the industry.
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The Dangers of Using Autofill on Your DBS Application

In the modern age we’re constantly filling forms in online. Names, emails, addresses, card details, you name it and you’ve filled a form in about it. But should you be relying on these settings, particularly when you are applying for a criminal record check?
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What's The Deal With CCTV in Taxis?

CCTV is a contentious issue in the taxi and private hire industry. Whilst it is undeniably an asset for criminal investigations, the data protection implications cannot be ignored. Some licensing authorities have this as a compulsory requirement but you should follow their lead?
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How Do I DBS Check My Nanny?

Hiring someone to look after your children can be nerve-racking. Whether it’s for one night or a year, as a parent you want to be sure you have done everything to protect your children. A criminal record check does provide peace of mind, but can you actually carry one out?
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