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Driving Licence Check Code

Thank you for organising your driving licence check to support your Taxi / Private Hire Licence application with Bassetlaw District Council.

I give Personnel Checks authorisation to organise Driving Licence checks on my behalf for the purpose of applying for a Taxi/Private Hire Licence with Bassetlaw District Council.

I understand that Personnel Checks will share the results of my Driving Licence information with the relevant individuals at Bassetlaw District Council to support my Taxi/Private Hire Licence application. 

I authorise Bassetlaw District Council and Personnel Checks to organise a Driving Licence Check as and when they require, at a frequency that Bassetlaw District Council shall determine.

I authorise and direct Personnel Checks to disclose my Driving Licence information to Bassetlaw District Council, all relevant information relating to my driver record which includes personal details, driving entitlements, valid endorsements; and/or disqualifications (if relevant); photo images.

This consent and authority will expire when I cease to drive in connection with Bassetlaw District Council or in any case three years from the date of my consent.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting Personnel Checks on 01254 355679 or [email protected]

Please enter your details below to confirm that you have read and understood the above:



Personnel Checks will then use this information to access your driving licence information and share with Bassetlaw District Council.