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Head of Sales & Operations Job Description

Main purpose of the role:

To own and achieve the sales targets set by the Sales Director for Personnel Checks’ DBS – Consultancy revenue stream by defining the strategy for achieving sales targets through the retention and growth of current and new corporate accounts.

To engage/motive a team of people to support the strategy and deliver a professional function covering the Operational and Customer Service elements of Personnel Checks and its staff, to ensure the highest levels of service are maintained and new business gained by the sales team is processed to the same exacting standards.

Both the sales strategy and people management part of this role should be in line with the company’s own strategy and culture.


Principal duties & responsibilities:

Sales retention & growth

  • Create and execute a robust Account Management strategy for our DBS customers
  • Organise and execute Account Management review meetings with top customers
  • Organise and execute Account Management review calls with middle customer
  • Ensure we are communicating with all customers to gather feedback on service and discover avenues for improvement/evolution of service or account growth
  • Gain a deep and analytical understanding of account usage and trends
  • Ensure all sales calls are ‘maximised’ through developing the Sales acumen of the DBS Sales Team
  • Fielding high worth new business calls and closing sales
  • Convert new business
  • Developing bespoke DBS, screening and safeguarding solutions for high value customers
  • Work closely with Operations team to ensure a seamless handover/on-boarding process for customers
  • Leading the DBS sales team to ensure that all inbound sales calls are maximised
  • Understanding the market


Operational & Customer Service Management:

  • Accountable for establishing the Operations Delivery Service delivery capability. Defining the service functions and controls that are required to meet the set quality and financial targets
  • Accountable for the performance and delivery of all services, responsible for identifying and making key financial decisions to deliver the business within the service quality and financial targets
  • Accountable for the setting strategic priorities for the operations delivery function ensuring performance and quality standards are met to enable Personnel Checks to deliver the overall strategy
  • Accountable for the design and provision of the operational services and responsible for ensuring operational services, policies and procedure for services within the scope of the service adhere to legislation and statutory requirements maintaining compliance at all times. (Including reporting to DBS and other government bodies)
  • Accountable for assessing change in the market environment, proactively developing a service strategy to take advantage of identified opportunities and trends
  • Responsible for applying the risk framework so that the evaluation of services and Personnel Checks’ capability is understood when delivering in scope services
  • Accountable for the workforce strategy and plan that will support the development of staff in line with the Operations learning and development plan ensuring Personnel Checks has the required skills across the team with a highly developed awareness of customer service
  • Responsible for developing the Operations Delivery elements of Personnel Checks’ People Strategy including developing relevant policies and procedures in collaboration with the company’s HR and Compliance Manager for the Operations team in line with best practice standards. Specific accountability for developing the resourcing strategy for Personnel Checks, providing support and guidance to the Heads of Services for the identification and provision of senior leaders across the business
  • Collaborate with the HR & Compliance Manager to identify themes and issues from management information gathered, linking into overall service delivery strategy and plans to drive improvements and ensure that all contracts, KPI’s, SLA’s, legislation and policies are met
  • Accountable for ensuring that risk assessment framework within the Operations delivery team is adhered to, applying consistent processes to quantify, document and analyse the potential business impact, coordinating the development of contingency plans where required
  • Lead and manage a team, developing and motivating staff, encouraging proactive development of skills and capability. Set and monitor performance targets against agreed quality and performance criteria providing feedback and mentoring to ensure a high-quality service which enables transformation and achieves Personnel Checks’ strategic outcomes
  • Accountable for the development of key stakeholder relationships, acting as a point of contact to enable sustainable delivery of service, ensuring excellent customer service, appropriate communication methods, ensuring stakeholder strategies and policies are adhered to
  • Act as the senior contact point for a broad range of requests for support relating to operations delivery ensuring information is provided to fulfil requests or enable resolution
  • Liaise with the Commercial & Sales teams assessing the needs, requirements and technical feasibility of potential new contracts, providing cost estimates, risk and project plans to inform negotiations
  • Accountable for the identification and development of new delivery based services. Directing the development and initiation of new products. Ensuring that relevant monitoring is in place to ensure operational efficiency and profitability, customer satisfaction and understand what is required to attract new business in new areas


Corporate Responsibilities:

All Corporate Directors, Directors and Heads of Service have an explicit responsibility to deliver the collective agenda of the company. These are fundamental elements of the role not an addition and are summarised as follows:

Whole Business

  • Take an active role in promoting and ensuring Personnel Checks’ responsibilities for Safeguarding are met
  • Understand, communicate and contribute to the delivery of Personnel Checks’ strategic aims
  • Meet statutory obligations and promote and ensure compliance with policies and procedures and the DBS Code of Conduct
  • Promote the business brand and enhance the overall reputation of the company
  • Understand and monitor the measures of performance, including customer insight, which define successful outcomes for Personnel Checks’ services
  • Maintain and ensure a relentless focus on the customer
  • Act to support the company’s wide need to deliver services within budget, thereby avoiding an overspend that could damage the financial viability of the company


Integration of Services

  • Focus resources where they have the biggest impact
  • Deliver services that are flexible and adaptable
  • Integrate services within Personnel Checks and work with partner agencies to ensure a seamless customer experience
  • Fully and inclusively engage all staff in the delivery of services, demonstrating the business values and behaviours
  • Embedding, commissioning and engaging relevant markets
  • Establish an outcome focused organisation
  • Meet the financial regulations and standing orders of Personnel Checks & DBS
  • Challenge the status quo and engage with the market to constantly improve
  • Ensure all services are delivered effectively and efficiently
  • Proactively and continuously seek to improve service delivery
  • Proactively manage risk to avoid inertia whilst not exposing Personnel Checks to needless and avoidable challenge or loss


Managing Change

  • Understand and support the company’s overall change agenda
  • Deliver required outcomes of service specific change on time and to budget
  • Understand the quality of staff, support their development, nurture those with talent
  • Identify the skills for the future and the level of staff through robust workforce planning
  • Identify and deal with underperformance
  • Deliver to agreed budget and income targets


Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Holding or working toward an appropriate management qualification or standard
  • A strong knowledge and experience in negotiation and closing techniques
  • A sound understanding of the sales process to understand the client challenges and provide solutions
  • Knowledge of relevant national and corporate policies and legislation relating to DBS services
  • Knowledge of contracting methods and processes
  • In-depth understanding of the internal and external drivers which impact on DBS services
  • Clear understanding of risk management and risk assessments
  • Knowledge of Data Protection, GDPR and confidentiality issues
  • Staff will be expected to have an awareness of and work within national legislation and Personnel Checks policies and procedures relating to Health and Safety
  • Excellent understanding of employment policy and practice, terms and conditions in local government, and private sectors
  • Detailed knowledge of how to align Personnel Checks services with business objectives


Skills and Personal Attributes

  • High levels of self-awareness and social-awareness
  • The ability to think commercially, identify and exploit opportunities and deliver innovative outcomes
  • Drive to consistently meet sales goals
  • High levels of motivation for sales including strong sales planning skills
  • Able to plan and deliver innovative Operational Services, thinking outside of conventional norms where appropriate to solve problems and realise opportunities to develop customer service excellence
  • Able to establish strong positive relationships across the organisation at all levels including a relationship establishing professional credibility
  • Able to establish strong positive relationships across partner and other external organisations that command professional confidence and enable effective delivery of Personnel Checks services
  • Able to demonstrate effective motivational leadership and vision to staff at all levels including a positive attitude to change in order to maintain and develop services in a constantly changing environment
  • Able to, influence, negotiate and work collaboratively in order to ensure the best interests of the service are met
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of personal resilience and focus in order to ensure the delivery of excellent services to the public and other customers
  • Highly developed communication and presentation skills



  • Extensive experience of effectively managing and delivering a range of key client facing services within budget in a technical, commercial or business environment
  • Extensive experience and successful track record of achieving solutions to enable delivery of a diverse range of operational services in partnership with other bodies both internal and external
  • Extensive experience of managing and delivering operations services within a highly commercial growing business and particular experience of managing, and being completely responsible for statutory processes
  • Demonstrable experience of having built and then sustained successful teams, with effective succession planning and development of new talent
  • Experience of managing change in an environment with numerous stakeholders
  • Experience of building and sustaining commercial relationships with private sector partners or suppliers, with an understanding of some of the risks involve
  • Extensive Operational experience, both breadth and magnitude at a senior level


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