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DBS Application Form Tips

Here are some helpful tips to use when completing your DBS (CRB) application form. These will help you to avoid errors which can cause delays in receiving your DBS (CRB) certificate.

We recommend that you read these tips carefully before completing your DBS (CRB) Check.


  • As we set up your application, we will have completed some fields for you. Please ensure that these fields contain the correct information exactly as it is found on your I.D. documents.  
    For example, if your first name is Johnathon but the first name field on your application says ‘John’, please contact Personnel Checks directly and ask for this to be changed in order to avoid delays to your application. 
  • It’s important that you ensure the information already entered in ‘details of position’ section is correct. If this information is incorrect, please contact Personnel Checks on 01254 3665688 to amend.  
    If incorrect information is submitted on your application, you will need complete the application form again and you will be charged accordingly.
  • If you haven’t changed your name since birth, you don’t need to fill in the ‘Additional Personal Details’ section.  
  • If you have changed your name since birth, please ensure you fill in the ‘Used Until’ dates. For example, if you changed your surname for marriage, please give your maiden name followed by the year you changed your surname.  
  • When entering your date of birth, choose the drop-down list to see a range of years. Choose the range of years which includes your year of birth, and then choose the specific year, then month and day. 
  • If the applicant has a middle name, please ensure this is inputted in the ‘Details’ section. If you have left the middle name field blank, you will receive a warning message that will notify you of this. If you do have a middle name, ensure you go back and input your middle name into the ‘Applicant Information’ section before selecting ‘Continue’.  
  • As you reach the end of the application, you have the chance to read all the information you have inputted. It is important that you ensure you carefully look over this information before confirming and submitting the application. If you want to make any changes to your application, scroll to the bottom and click ‘back’ until you reach the section you’d like to make changes to. Select ‘continue’ when amended. Remember to double check any changes you’ve made when you reach the confirmation section again. 
  • You must also ensure you tick all boxes in the ‘Applicant Consent and Declaration’ section. 
  • When you are sure that you’ve done all the above correctly, select ‘Submit Application’.  

Make sure to follow these simple steps when completing your DBS Check application in order to avoid delays:

  • All fields with red asterisks must be completed. If you miss out any sections that include a red asterisk (*), you will not be able to proceed with the application. 
  • Always remember to enter any middle names you have. Failure to do this may delay the processing of your application. 
  • Ensure you have the correct ID documents for your verification process. The process may vary per applicant, so it’s important that you read the instructions on your emails carefully.  

Basic DBS Check Applications 
You must choose 2 documents from this List of Valid ID Documents and provide original copies (not photocopies) to be verified.  
Standard and Enhanced DBS Check Applications 
You must choose 3 documents from this List of Valid ID Documents and provide original copies (not photocopies) to be verified.  

Please ensure that you complete the year moved into your current address and also any previous addresses.

You must provide a continuous 5 year address history even if you have lived outside of the UK and include the month and year moved into each address.

If you have no fixed abode or have had a period with no fixed abode throughout your address history within the last 5 years, please fill out the ‘Addresses’ section with the dates that you had no fixed abode and type “NO FIXED ABODE” into the required fields (i.e. street name, postcode etc).  

We understand it is common for an applicant to live on campus or in student accommodation during term time and reside with their parents (or a similar permanent home address) in the period between academic years. This can cause confusion when completing the current and previous address fields on the application form. 


Parents address  

If the ‘current address’ is the applicant’s parents’ address (or similar permanent home address), the date the applicant has been “at address since” should be the month and full year they originally moved into that address. 

If the applicant has lived at this address for at least five years, the applicant must still provide details of all student addresses they have lived at during the last five years in ‘other addresses, so that we have a full address history for that period. 

As it is likely that there will be gaps between student addresses and between academic years, we will use the applicant’s parents’ address (or the similar permanent address supplied) to fill in the gaps. 

If the applicant moved into their parents’ address less than five years ago, the ‘other addresses’ section must include any previous permanent homes where the applicant has lived outside term-time during the last five years. 


Student Address 

If the applicant prefers that their ‘current address’ refers to their student address, their parents’ address (or similar permanent address) must be provided in other addresses. The full address details of the halls of residence or other student accommodation lived at in the last five years must be recorded. 

If the applicant is still living at their most recent student address, the ‘dates from and to’ fields must be completed, but the ‘date to’ will be the month and year in which the applicant completes the application form. This field must not be left blank or the application will be delayed. 

Similarly, if the applicant’s parents’ address (or similar permanent address) where the applicant resides outside term-time has been provided in “other addresses”, the ‘date to’ will be the month and year that the applicant was last residing at this address. 

The words ‘current’, ‘still there’, present’ or any similar phrases must not be recorded in any of the fields or anywhere else on the application form. 

We do not need the details of addresses other than an applicant’s permanent residence, even if at any time in the last five years they have been required to spend a day or two away from their permanent address due to their work. In these situations, we do not need the details of hotels or similar types of residence they stayed in. 

If the nature of their work, for example, a travelling salesman; locum; supply teacher; pastor; or speaker means that they are frequently spending one or two days in different places away from their permanent address, we do not require the details of each place they visited. 

We do need you to provide the applicant’s alternative address details as well as the details of their permanent address if; 

  • The applicant spends months at a time living at an alternative address that is not their permanent home address, we require the details of this residence and the dates between which they were living at the alternative address to be entered in the ”other addresses” section of the application form.
  • The applicants work requires them to reside somewhere other than their home address during the week but they return to their permanent residence at weekends. 

How we need you to complete the form

  • Ensure the applicant has provided details of their permanent home address but complete the “other addresses” section to notify us of other addresses they use on a frequent basis. 
  • We require the month and year at which they first started to reside at that address and the month and year in which they last stayed at that address. 
  • The dates ‘from and to’ must be completed, so if the applicant continues to use this alternative address at the time of their application, please provide the current month and full year as the ‘date to’.

Basic Applications
Once you have completed your online DBS application form, you must then have 2 ID documents verified. Please choose 2 ID documents from this list - List of Valid ID Documents

You are then required to have the 2 chosen documents verified. Once you reach this stage, you will recieve an email from [email protected] notifiying you of where you need to get your ID documents verified.

Standard, Enhanced or Volunteer Applications
If you are applying for your check on behalf of a company, you will need to take your 3 original ID documents from this List of Valid ID Documents to your nominated ID verifier within the company/organisation who will then submit these on your behalf.