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Eligibility Advice (Adults)

To apply for an Enhanced DBS check, an applicant must be involved in what is called ‘Regulated Activity’. Regulated Activity is made up of many components which all, or at least some, must be met to apply for this level of check. 

The below six points are the most common reasons in which an applicant will be eligible for a DBS check.

The six categories within the new definition of regulated activity for adults are:

  1. 1. Healthcare – Provided by any health care professional or under the direction or supervision of one
  2. 2. Personal care – Washing, dressing, eating, drinking and toileting
  3. 3. Social work – In relation to adults, who are clients or potential clients, includes assessing or reviewing the need for health or social care services and providing ongoing support to clients
  4. 4. Assistance with household affairs – Anyone who provides day to day assistance to an adult because of their age, illness or disability, where it includes managing the person’s money, paying the person’s bills, or shopping on their behalf
  5. 5. Assistance with the conduct of affairs – Power of attorney/deputies appointed under the Mental Capacity Act
  6. 6. Conveying an Adult – For health, personal or social care requirements due to age, illness or disability.  This includes hospital porters, patient transport services, driver’s assistants, Ambulance Technicians and Emergency Care Assistants.  Please note transporting/conveying is not necessarily in a vehicle and could be in a wheelchair/stretcher


There are other potential reasons why you could obtain a DBS Check outside of these points. If you would like to discuss if your role is eligible please don’t hesitate to call Personnel Checks on 01254 355688.


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