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Welcome to Personnel Checks' Legal Hub

This area of our website holds all the legal information and documents you may require. Most of the content on this page is to help you make up your Customer Service Agreement, or CSA, with us.

We've tried to organise the content as intuitively as possible to help you find what you need. However, if at any point you're lost or confused, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Just email [email protected] or call us on 01254 355 651 and we’ll do our best to help you.



Our Legal Philosophy 

We don’t believe in guaranteeing your business by tying you in a legal knot and locking you in for 12, 24 or 36 months! We believe in working hard to provide the very best customer experience for you meaning you would have no reason to say goodbye. Transparency, openness and flexibility are at the heart of our agreements as they’re good for you and keep us on our toes.

We also are driven to provide a smooth onboarding process for our customers. If you find yourself printing off 30 pages of A4 and readying the highlighter pen, then something has gone horribly wrong! We work exclusively off E-Signatures and try to ensure a paperless onboarding process.



How our CSA works

We have designed our Customer Service Agreement, or CSA, to be clear and simple so that you can get background checking as quickly as possible without any unnecessary delays.

Your CSA is made up of 3 parts:

  • Part 1: The New Account Onboarding Form, or NAOF

The NAOF is like an order form and basically agrees 3 simple pieces of information:

- Who the customer is
- What services we agree to provide to them
- How much they will pay

We have also taken the opportunity to capture some extra information on there like how new checks will be initiated and how you agree to buy the checks. We aim to provide a service tailored to you and we need to write this stuff down somewhere.

If you are a customer and can’t find your NAOF, no worries. Just get in touch and we can send you a copy. We keep them all nice and safe in your account file.


  • Part 2: Personnel Checks General Terms and Conditions for the supply of services

Whilst Terms & Conditions might sound scary, every business needs them, and we are no exception. Our T&Cs are designed to outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties. All our CSAs are governed by our T&Cs and they do form an important part of the agreement

It is necessary for us to update our T&Cs from time to time. We will do our best to keep an audit trail of older versions and inform you of any changes as and when they occur.


  • Part 3: Service Schedules

Personnel Checks offer lots of different services because every customer’s background screening requirements are different and the way they work with us can vary from customer to customer. Our Service Schedules cover a range of checks that we do and organise them into families.

The key to our Service Schedules is all in the Product Family to which your check belongs. You can easily see which product family each check belongs to as it is indicated on your New Account Onboarding Form.

For example

Check Product Family
Basic DBS Check DBS Checking
Adverse Financial Check Background Checking

If a customer was doing both Basic DBS Checks and Adverse Financial Checks, there would be 2 of our Service Schedules that form part of the CSA:

- DBS Checking Service Schedule
- Background Checking Service Schedule

If a customer was doing only Basic DBS Checks, there would be only 1 of our Service Schedules that form part of the CSA:

- DBS Checking Service Schedule



Our Legal Documents

Our current legal documents can all be found below...


Document Name Last Updated
General Terms and Conditions  
Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services 07/09/2019
Service Schedules  
DBS Checking Service Schedule 07/09/2019
Background Checking Service Schedule 07/09/2019
DVLA Checking Service Schedule 07/09/2019
List 99 Checking Service Schedule 07/09/2019
Web Pages Development Service Schedule 07/09/2019
COVID-19 Emergency DBS Checking Service Schedule 
Additional Legal Documents  
DBS Terms of Use 07/09/2019
Personnel Checks Privacy Policy 07/09/2019
Personnel Checks Secure Storage, handling, use, retention & disposal policy 07/09/2019
Partner Documents  
DBS ID Verification Guidelines 03/12/2019
DBS Code of Practice 16/11/2015
DBS Policy on Recruitment of ex-offenders 08/01/2014
Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974 12/02/2019
Experian Privacy Policy 22/05/2019
Licence Check Privacy Policy 01/01/2019
DBS Privacy Policy 04/11/2019