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DBS Share feedback from applicants and Umbrella Bodies.

The DBS share their research around applicants’ general experiences of their Disclosure service.

The results

Most of you agreed that the DBS meet your needs and expectations; an encouraging 85% of the 300 Registered Bodies and 81% of the 2000 applicants we surveyed.

The DBS continue to play an important role in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people, and Umbrella Bodies like us here at Personnel Checks believe their service is incredibly important. Read more about the DBS purpose, mission and objectives in their Strategic Plan.

Our services

Satisfaction levels were positive – 89% of applicants surveyed were satisfied with the service they’ve received since they last applied for a check.

In total, 75% of applicants were satisfied with the speed they received their check. About 20% of those who were dissatisfied felt they were inadequately informed about the period of delay – this was from the time they completed the application with the Registered Body to the point they received their certificate. The DBS have taken this feedback on board and are working on improving their processes in this area.

Applicants were particularly happy with:

• Online tracking service

• DBS Disclosure News

• E-Bulk

• Welsh language service

Those surveyed commented they would be interested in developing additional products and services – in particular online certificates, a barred list only check, online accounts and overseas based checks.

Over half of Registered Bodies want the DBS to introduce an online digital certificate because it would speed up recruitment processes. We are at the early stages of a modernisation programme but this is something we are looking into to see if it is feasible.

DBS information and communication

The majority of Registered Bodies and over half of applicants who visited the DBS website for guidance or to track an application – 90% of those applicants and 81% of those Registered Bodies were very happy with it.

Others thought improved navigation and more available information would improve it. The DBS will be highlighting the most popular guidance on their homepage to address applicants’ navigation and accessibility suggestions.

Contacting the DBS

• 91% of Registered Bodies said our staff are polite, helpful and give personal responses.

• 75% felt their enquiry was dealt with first time, as did 69% of applicants.

• 81% of applicants were also satisfied with the help

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