Personnel Checks Director Elected to Board of Criminal Records Trade Body

The CRTB group are a UK-based committee within the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).  

The CRTB members are dedicated to working together to promote and advance the safeguarding agenda of the country. They will provide an authoritative and independent voice in industry ensuring that employers and employees remain protected when hiring and applying for jobs, respectively 

Jack has been a Director of Personnel Checks for over 2 years, and his appointment to the CRTB board has left him “delighted” as it has arrived at a “very exciting time in the world of criminal record checking”, claims Mellor.  

We are, in my opinion, getting closer and closer to a position where the high levels of integrity around criminal record checks are joined by equally high levels of digitalisation.  

Businesses and staff rely on the information that these checks return every day and my aim on this board is to push hard to ensure that our industry firstly catches up, and secondly keeps pace with the digital advances we see in our global economy”.  

Personnel Checks is part of Cummins Mellor who took home the award for Family Business of the Year at the 2019 BiBA’s awards.  

The background screening business is dedicated to ensuring the safest recruitment and suitability decisions are made through implementing and strengthening safeguarding cultures.  

Personnel Checks offer over 15 different types of background checks, assisting various business sectors 

Jack’s election to the CRTB board will no doubt provide the company with further insight and expertise into the criminal record and background screening trade. 

Commenting on the election, CRTB chair Keith Rosser, Director of Reed Screening said:  

The Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) was launched by the DBS in April 2018 to become a member organisation, representing the issues and perspectives of processing organisations to help support the DBS and Disclosure Scotland on key issues such as safeguarding, policy, and strategy.  

In particular, the CRTB play a key role in sharing feedback, constructive challenge, and areas for consideration to the DBS and Disclosure Scotland. The CRTB represent organisations processing over 1m disclosures a year. The Board are delighted to welcome Jack with his expert knowledge and good standing within the sector”.