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COVID-19: Temporary Changes to ID Verification

Please note: a previous version of this news story advised that changes were being made to ID guidance for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks only. However, these changes have now been extended to Basic DBS Checks as of 24th March 2020.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many businesses, industries and workplaces to adapt the way they work. As a DBS Umbrella Body, here at Personnel Checks we have been fielding many questions about the ID verification process, which is a critical part of obtaining a DBS Check.

Customers who have been implementing the Government’s advice to avoid face to face contact with others as much as possible, which may include working remotely, are struggling to meet with candidates to check the validity of their documents and the physical likeness of the candidate.

As the country comes together to get through these difficult times, it is essential that those people who need to begin working, particularly those who are helping in medical and care sectors, can do.

Given the circumstances, the DBS have decided to put temporary changes to the ID verification process as of 19th March 2020


What are the temporary changes?

The temporary changes mean that either of the following 2 methods of ID verification are now available to applicants who need to provide ID documents to support their Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS Check applications:

  • Original ID documents can be viewed over video link (i.e. Skype or Facetime)


  • Scanned images of the original ID documents can be used in advance of the DBS Check being submitted

In both of these cases, the applicant will be required to present the original versions of these documents when they begin working in the role that they’ve applied for.  


What do these changes mean?

If an applicant is unable to get their original documents to their ID Verifier, they are now, temporarily, able to do this without meeting face to face.

An applicant will have received instructions throughout the application process outlining who their designated ID Verifier is.

If an applicant has a specific ID Verifier (e.g. an employer), they are now able to initially show the original documents to the ID verifier via a video call, or by sending scanned images of the original documents to the ID Verifier, digitally (e.g. email).

Alternatively, an applicant may have been instructed to have their documents verified by a Post Office then send the verified copies of the ID documents to us, Personnel Checks. However, we can now confirm that an applicant is able to send scanned images of the original ID documents to us without the Post Office verification, via either of the 2 methods below:

If you are an applicant and you are unsure who your dedicated ID Verifier is, please contact a member of our team on 01254 355681 or via email [email protected]


COVID-19 and The DBS - Updates

Personnel Checks is in regular discussion with the DBS and industry bodies to devise a sensible and safe solution to any issues our customers are faced with in the current situation.

Our Prime Minister has assured us that the government understands and supports the demand for background checks throughout this time. This, in turn, may lead to further alternative methods being explored in the background screening processes, of which we will advise and update our customers if we receive any information in due course.

To keep up with the latest developments, keep checking our update page - here


Getting in touch

In the meantime, we are still contactable as normal and we are happy to assist you with any queries you may have at this time through the usual methods:

Applicant Engagement Team
01254 355681
[email protected]

Customer Experience Team
01254 355651
[email protected]

Taxi Licensing Team
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Thank you for your co-operation and patience.

As a note to all of our customers, please stay calm, stay safe and stay up to date with the information; rest assured, we are here to help.