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Safeguarding Audit


What is a Safeguarding Audit?

A safeguarding audit is a full inspection of current processes, policies and frameworks designed to highlight safeguarding risks within your organisation. By asking questions, listening to the responses and observing what currently happens in the organisation, we are able to make an assessment and score different sections of safeguarding. Once the audit is complete Personnel Checks shall compile the results into a formal report which can be used internally to identify the areas most at risk and the areas which are considered up to standard.

How does a Safeguarding Audit work?



The first step, is to plan out the audit and set out the criteria we intend to assess.



We will present you with a bespoke questionnaire, specific to your organisation and if necessary conduct an onsite inspection.



Using the data we will create an action plan highlighting any potential safeguarding issues.



You will then receive a written report to take away and implement to ensure the safety and well being of people within your organisation.


Speak to a member of the team about how we can help Safeguard your Organisation:

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