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Are DBS Checks Portable?

Many people in different lines of work are often required to obtain a DBS check, formerly the CRB check. A common concern for both employers and employees is whether or not a DBS certificate is portable between different jobs.
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When Personnel Checks Met The DBS!

We had a visit from the DBS last week which was a really nice afternoon where both parties learned a lot and found the meeting really insightful!
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In a Muddle About Volunteering & DBS Checks?

We get a lot of calls from people wanting advice about DBS checks for volunteers- how do I get one? How much does it cost? Below we aim to answer all of your questions and provide a bit of information so you know where you stand when applying.
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Do The Self Employed Need DBS Checks?

There is a lot of confusion surrouding the self employed and DBS checks, how to get one? Who is eligible? Which level? Below we answer the most commonly asked questions surrounding DBS checks for the self employed.
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How Personnel Checks Would Put Scooby Doo Out of a Job!

We’ve all seen Scooby Doo and the gang, out on their adventures, solving mysteries and exposing villains. If you haven’t experienced Scooby Doo, you really need to. It’s one of those childhood favourites that still brings a smile to most adult’s faces.
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Truth and Lies: Revealing the Myths Surrounding DBS Checks

We dispel some of the most common misconceptions about DBS Checks
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