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Barring Referral Improvements

The DBS rely on thorough, accurate referrals to make well informed barring decisions therefore they have made some improvements to their referral guidance...
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5 Ways to Spot Fraudulent Requests for DBS Checks

Increasing reports of fake DBS check requests have encouraged the DBS to release information on how to spot the fraudsters!
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Requesting DBS Certificate Numbers

Following the large number of enquiries the DBS receive from customers, we highlight the facts on certificate numbers.
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Are You Alert to Counterfeit ID Documents?

The DBS fraud team work hard with Umbrella Bodies and employers to help identify and prosecute those who attempt to use counterfeit identity documents.
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#AskAlice: 5 things you should know about List 99 checks

Now known as a Children's Barred List Check, these checks provide employers with instant results confirming if an applicant could be barred from working with children.
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Out With The Old: How Taxi Licensing Has Changed

You may be be aware of the pressure that councils are under following media speculation, Licensing specialist, Ryan Sidley explores the recent changes and how they are being tackled.
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