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How do DBS Checks become portable?

It’s a real concern to us that people think their Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check can be “carried” from one place of work to another.

As a registered Umbrella Body for the DBS, we noticed that since the Update Service was launched in June 2013 people believe their check automatically became portable….which is not true!

In order for your check to be carried with you and used for more than one employer or workplace, you firstly need to have a new DBS Certificate.

You have 14 days to register with the DBS for the Update Service after the certificate issue date.

It is only when you have successfully registered with the update service that your DBS check is portable.

The DBS Update Service lets you keep your DBS certificates up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate status at any time.

This system means that whenever you start work with a new employer or contractor, rather than applying for a brand new DBS Certificate, the employer can go to the DBS website to confirm if anything has changed on your record since your last certificate.

There is a registration fee of £13 for the DBS Update Service and applicants must renew their registration annually. 

The Benefits

The main benefit of the Update Service is that employees or contractors don’t need to re-apply for a new DBS Check each time they go to a new place of work.

The benefit to employers is that they don’t have to wait for a DBS Check. This can be a big problem for employers as it delays recruitment processes. The employer also doesn’t need to pay for a new DBS Check.

The professions this has benefited the most are locum Doctors, Dentists and contractors who regularly work on different sites.

If this is you or you’re an employer who regularly employs or contracts these individuals and conducts new DBS Checks each time, then simply call us to organise your DBS Checks.

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