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What Happens When My DBS Is With My Local Police Force?

Here at Personnel Checks, we pride ourselves on our fast, efficient turnaround times for DBS Checks. Currently, 50% of our checks are completed within 1 week, and 25% are completed within just 24 hours. However, from time to time some applications can take longer than expected, but why is this?

There are 5 stages to the process when the application is at the Disclosure and Barring Service:

Stage 1 - application form received and validated

Stage 2 - Police National Computer searched

Stage 3 - children and adults lists searched (where applicable)

Stage 4 - records held by the police searched

Stage 5 - DBS certificate printed

There are various reasons why an application can be delayed, e.g. queries with the information provided on the application form, or internal queries within the DBS. The main reason why delays occur during the DBS check process happens when the application reaches stage 4.

Stage 4 is when the application is sent by secure, electronic means to the Police force for an additional check of local records. Some Police Forces can complete their search on the same day they receive the application and send it back to the DBS to move into stage 5. However, there are some Police Forces who have back logs of applications and can take a number of weeks to complete their searches.


What can Personnel Checks do to help speed up the process?

Personnel Checks are committed to providing first class customer service to our clients and we guarantee we do everything in our power to ensure your certificates are issued as quickly as possible.

When the application has been in stage 4 for 60 days, Personnel Checks can then contact the DBS to raise an Escalation with the police force.

Once the Escalation has been raised, the Police force will aim to complete their searches within the following 10 working days.

If the police force still hasn’t completed their search, Personnel Checks can then contact the DBS to obtain the police forces’ contact details in order to directly chase up the application until it is complete.

To keep track of your applications and to see which stage they are in throughout the process, visit https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/enquiry/enquirySearch.do  and enter the application form reference number and the applicants’ date of birth.

If you have further questions regarding your DBS check or for more information on stage 4 of the process please don’t hesitate to call one of our advisors on 01254 355688.

Please note: we are only able to discuss DBS applications that have been processed by Personnel Checks

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