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Your Licensing FAQ’s: Answered

Working with a variety of councils across the country, we have helped over 10,000 drivers process their criminal record checks through our taxi+ package.

Our team speak to drivers on a daily basis, assisting them through the process of being ‘license ready’ which can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. 

We’ve pulled together some of your ‘frequently asked questions’ to provide you with answers straight from the experts!

1. Where do I send my documents to and how?

You can send your verified ID documents to Personnel Checks by post, fax or email.

2. What is the email address/postal address I need to send the ID documents to?

  • Email your documents to [email protected]
  • Address: One Cathedral Square, Cathedral Quarter, Blackburn BB1 1FB
  • Fax: 01254 390199
  • Whatsapp: 07909116233

3. How do I know if you have received my documents?

The Personnel Checks team can confirm this by email or phone call, just get in touch!

4. Do I have to get a medical done first?

Most councils do require you to obtain a medical assessment before applying for your DBS check. However, for Stockport and Wolverhampton council it is not vital but is still good practice to have one booked for the near future.

5. Where can I get the post office form from?

Personnel Checks will email the Post Office form to you along with an instructions email. Alternatively, you can find it here

6. How long does the check take?

A DBS check at this level usually takes approximately up to two weeks once we have received all of your ID documents but this cannot be guaranteed.

At the moment 50% of our checks are coming back within one week.

 7. How many stages are there to the DBS check application process?

There are four stages that need to be completed before the DBS certificate can be posted out to the applicant, these are:

1. Applicant completes DBS application form online

2. Applicant has ID documents verified at a Post Office and sends them to Personnel Checks

3. Personnel Checks Verify the ID documents and submit the application to the DBS

4. Applicant completes DVLA licence check application form. (This step is only necessary if a licence check is required as part of the taxi licensing application.)

5. The DBS complete the application and the certificate is posted to applicants’ home address

 8. How long is my check valid for?

Legally there is no expiry date for DBS checks but most councils require the DBS checks to be renewed every three years. 

 9.  Where do I find my username and password?

Personnel Checks will email the username and password to you through our online system after the check has been purchased online. 

 10.  Once I have made the payment for the check do I need to complete any other form?

Personnel Checks will then send you an instructions email explaining the ID verification process and how you will receive your login in details.

We will also provide you with a link that will allow you to complete the DBS Check form through our online system.

 11.  What forms of ID can I get verified?

In order to process a DBS application, we require three ID Documents from the list of valid ID. At least one of these documents has to be from group one.

In some certain circumstances, Council’s may require the applicants to present more documents – applicants will be informed of this when they apply.

Click here to see a list of valid ID documents.

If you have any further questions regarding DBS checks for drivers, please don’t hesitate to contact our taxi team today on 01254 355 679


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