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5 Things you Need to Know About The Update Service

The Update Service is an online subscription service and is offered directly by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) to allow your DBS check to be portable between employers. There is an annual subscription fee you will need to pay in order for it to be portable and it will stay portable for as long as you continue this subscription.

In light of a recent change to the time limit an applicant has to subscribe to the service we have gathered together the top 5 facts you need to know about the update service.

  1. 1. Time Limit
    As an applicant, you now have 30 days after their certificate issue date to register on the Update Service, which has been extended from the previous 19 days.
  1. 2. When to subscribe
    You can apply to register to the Update Service before your DBS Check is complete by applying with your DBS application form reference number, as long as the DBS receive the application within 28 days of subscription.
  1. 3. Workforces
    The Update Service allows you to take your DBS Certificate from one job to the next unless you need a DBS Check for a different type of ‘workforce’ than you have previously held e.g. if your certificate states Child Workforce and you now need an Adult Workforce certificate then you will need to apply for a new check.

    This also applies if you have a different level than what is required for example if you currently hold a check at standard level when an enhanced check is required.
  1. 4. Renewals
    If you don’t renew your Update Service registration each year, you would need to apply for a new DBS Check to register for the Update Service again.

    You can renew your subscription through the update service, either:
  • when you first register, by choosing automatic renewal
  • up to 30 days before your current subscription ends - but you can’t renew on the last day of your subscription
  1. 5. Your Account
    When you have registered to the Update Service, you can log into your account and add or remove a certificate, see who has checked if anything has changed on your certificate and give employers permission to check your certificate.



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