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Should It Be Illegal For Young Drivers To Carry Passengers?

Road safety in the UK has stagnated in recent years. In this article we discuss road safety charity Brake’s suggestion of a phased licensing approach for young drivers, including potential legislation to make it illegal for young drivers to carry passengers in order to make our roads safer.
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Why You Should Avoid "Free Background Checks"

You might feel as though you’ve hit that jackpot finding a free background checking service. Cost is a major consideration in any hiring decision. But all may not be what it seems. This article discusses the pitfalls of relying on these searches for your organisation.
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5 Tips For Filling Out Your DBS Application Form

Filling out your DBS application form can be confusing for those who are completing it for the first time. As DBS Check experts, we've put together 5 different tips for filling out your DBS application form to help you through the process as quickly as possible.
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DBS Checks and Coronavirus: Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to have an impact on the way we process DBS Checks, there are several questions that appear to be on everyone's lips. So, we've put together the 5 most commonly asked questions to help answer any queries you might have at this time.
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COVID-19 – Volunteering in Your Community

As the coronavirus outbreak places a strain on healthcare services to maintain support for those in need, people throughout the UK are signing up to volunteer in their community to help those who are particularly at risk.
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3 Ways to Prevent Employee Fraud in Business

Employee fraud can be damaging to the reputation of any business, whether big or small. Here's our tips on how to prevent internal fraud in your organisation.
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