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How Background Checks Can Help in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Victims of human trafficking have been brought to the UK from over 80 different countries. It is a very real aspect of our society. But how can you help in it’s prevention?
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How Can Background Screening Help You Recruit Post-Pandemic?

This year has seen the recruitment landscape turned on its head. Thousands of people are now applying for every available vacancy, highlighting just how much damage the pandemic has caused. In these times, background checks can give you peace of mind when making recruitment decisions. 
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How Can You Effectively Onboard New Candidates Remotely?

Social distancing restrictions have meant 2020 has been a year of firsts for UK businesses. One of Personnel Checks’ big firsts was successfully recruiting a new CMO and CTO to the business. We share some of our tips on how to turn remote recruiting into a success for you. 
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