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Criminal Record Checks for Individuals

As an individual, you are eligible to apply for a 'Basic Disclosure'. This check is available to anyone living in England and/or Wales and is a search carried out by the Disclosure & Barring Service. If you live and/or work in Scotland, please call us to apply for a search through Disclosure Scotland. 

The basic check is a certificate which will show any unspent criminal convictions and conditional cautions. The certificate will belong to you and it will be your responsibility to show on request.

Buy Basic DBS Checks Online

£ 45.99

  • Results in as little
    as 24 Hours
  • Applicant support
    available 24/7
  • No registration or
    setup fees


Why can I only have a Basic Check?
Standard and Enhanced DBS (CRB) Checks are only available for organisations to apply for on behalf of their employees/contractors.

This is stipulated by the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) head office. Therefore under no circumstances can any DBS (CRB) checking company organise Standard or Enhanced DBS checks for individuals.


I have been told I need an Enhanced or a Standard Check, how can I get this?
Unfortunately, as you cannot access this level yourself, you will need to request your employer/organisation contact us on 01254 355688 to apply for this level on your behalf.


Please note– this doesn’t necessarily mean that the employer is required to pay for the check. Payment can be made by yourself or the organisation. A representative from the organisation simply needs to call and register themselves with us and be involved in the application process.