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DVLA Checks


Is your company at risk from illegal or unqualified drivers?

Personnel Checks allow you to access your driver's DVLA records online quickly by providing a speedy driving licence checking service, so you can validate employees' driving licence information securely. 

We can perform checks on your drivers via an online portal, producing instant results and creating an auditable online record.

How DVLA Checks can reduce the risk of illegal or unqualified drivers in your business;

  • Ensure driving licences are valid
  • Highlight any driving convictions that may affect employees ability to undertake a role
  • 98.5% results available within 30 seconds
  • Receive automatic email notifications to keep your checks up to date
  • Schedule automatic rechecks on drivers

DVLA Checks from Personnel Checks

We've developed a specialist service streamlining DVLA checks for businesses across the UK, providing a professional, fast and efficient service for you and your drivers.

Here's how it works; 

    • Your drivers consent to the DVLA check electronically and their information is then submitted to the DVLA
    • The results of the DVLA check are usually issued within 24 hours
    • Access results by logging into the system to view the record


Looking for more information?

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*Please note - we are not the DVLA and unfortunately cannot advise on any services they offer.