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In a Hurry for a Carers CRB Check?

This service is called a DBS Adult First check and is only available as part of the Enhanced DBS Checks process. At the point when the Enhanced check has been sent to the DBS for processing, we will then apply for the DBS Adult First.

The employer will receive an email within 72 hours with 2 possible outcomes;

'No match exists for this person on the DBS Adults Barred list.'
(this person isn't barred from working with vulnerable adults and can commence work)


'Please wait for the DBS Certificate before making a recruitment decision regarding this applicant.'
(the DBS Certificate may include offences which would not allow this person to work with vulnerable adults)

The DBS Adult First is a service that can be used in cases where, exceptionally, and in accordance with the terms of Department of Health guidance, a person is permitted to start work with adults before a DBS Certificate has been obtained. This applies to adult services such as care homes, domiciliary care agencies and adult placement schemes where DBS Certificates are required by law.

A DBS Adult First check is not appropriate where a person intends to work with both children and adults. Those working with both groups will need to wait for the DBS Certificate to be returned to find out whether a person is barred from working with children. There is no equivalent quick check of the children's barred list.

Personnel Checks offer this service for £17.88 (including VAT). If you would like any further information about the DBS Adult First checks or would like to apply, please call us on 01254 355688.

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