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Requests for CRB Certificate Numbers

Please be aware that simply requesting CRB Certificate numbers for  previously checked individuals will not show you whether they have a criminal background.

We have noticed a worrying trend that many more customers are now asking for previously issued CRB Certificate numbers.

Customers have told us that organisations are asking them to provide their certificate numbers when they apply for jobs.

We will always consider such requests, but please be aware CRB certificate numbers alone will only prove that a CRB Check has been carried out on these individuals at some point, but does not tell you:

  • The level or type of check carried out
  • If any information, such as convictions or non-conviction information was actually disclosed
  •  If the person is barred from working with vulnerable groups
  • When the certificate was issued

If you want to reuse a previously issued certificate, you must see the actual certificate – not just rely on knowing one has been issued.

Remember that the information released on a CRB certificate is provided only to help you make an assessment of the person’s suitability for the position you want to fill.

We cannot stress highly enough the risks and concerns of relying on just CRB certificate numbers.

If you have any further questions or concerns about requesting CRB Certificate numbers please call us on 01254 355688.


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