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Barring Referrals Now Online

In early September 2017, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) launched a new barring referral system.

Employers and organisations are now able to submit barring referrals online and:

  • Register to create an online account with DBS
  • Manage one or several barring referrals online
  • Share information with the DBS through a secure government platform

In addition, people who have been referred to DBS will be able to set up an account to communicate confidentially with them about their case.

What do the changes to barring referrals mean?

The changes in barring are significant for the DBS as they work to move from a largely paper-based system to an online one.

Until now, anyone making a barring referral has had to use a paper form which can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Now there is an option to submit a referral online by registering to set up an account with DBS.

Likewise, other organisations who share information with DBS and vis-versa can also set up online accounts.

Referred individuals now have the option of registering accounts with DBS so that all communication can go via secure online accounts and can be easily traced. DBS Director of Operations (Barring), Jenny Mooney, commented on the recent changes:
’This is a really positive move for DBS as we embrace the digital age and make our services much more accessible to our users.’

If you would like to make an online barring referral you’ll need to register for a DBS online services account once logged into this account you will have the option to ‘Submit a referral’

For more information on barring, visit our info centre here.

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