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Six Safeguarding Principles

The six safeguarding principles were originally produced for the safeguarding of adults but can also be applied to the safeguarding of children.

Safeguarding both adults and children is about preventing the risk of harm from abuse or exploitation or having the ability to reduce it through supporting people and awareness in making informed decisions.

The UK Government created these six safeguarding principles especially for the health and social care sector to help better protect adults.

The principles are an aid to understanding actions that need to be taken to protect people and are agreed within the Care Act 2014.


Serious case reviews and inquiries have highlighted the need to ensure safeguarding plays an important role within care. We are all aware of the effects that safeguarding failures can have on services through prosecutions and high costs.

It is crucial that the six safeguarding principles are communicated amongst teams to ensure safeguarding is at the forefront of both employees and community’s minds.

Does your organisation abide by these? If you would like some help on how the Personnel Checks team can ensure these principles are written into your safeguarding policies, get in touch:

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